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About Zottier

Founded by Soraya Férez in 2021, Zottier is a brand that arose from the belief in the recognition of a common humanity as the first step towards celebrating our differences; in our cultures, our values, our minds and all our ways of being in the world. Diversity is richness and is the main source of inspiration of the brand. Zottier is designed by women for women and it seeks to provide the best wardrobe essentials, no matter the age or body type.

The brand combines a timeless perspective with an avant-garde vision, creating wardrobe staples with an edge. The garments explore the power of simple forms and structures that convey elegance without ever compromising on quality or comfort.

Zottier is ethically designed and produced in Spain, supporting local industry and having a proximity policy. This way the brand can work closely with its manufacturers and seamstresses and can supervise the production and production centers to guarantee that everyone is under the best conditions.

The garments are mainly made from low-impact materials and rescued deadstock fabrics. There is no overproduction, Zottier believes in responsible stock volumes, which adds exclusivity to every piece, ensuring that a reduced number of people will have access to each piece.

Reconstructing the concept of classic.

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